PraxisFlow Services


At PraxisFlow, we go beyond tradition notions of strategy as planning, to help organizations build and deploy new decision-making architectures based on human sensor networks, distributed cognition, and mission command using the latest theory-informed-practice. We are able to grow organizations’ capabilities in executing strategic intent in a fast-moving, unpredictable environment, fostering both high alignment across functions while maintaining high autonomy.

We see strategy as an integrated set of goals, decision-points, and heuristics that allow companies to maintain coherence with a highly competitive market that accounts for current defensible positions, operating rhythm, and leadership dynamics. PraxisFlow has the deep expertise, experience, and insights to support our clients throughout their sense-making journey in today’s highly uncertain and evolving global economy.

DevOps / Continuous Delivery


Many organizations experience challenges delivering high quality value and service to their customers. They also face the challenge of complex deployment schedules, release packages in a myriad of configurations, and customers not willing to accept new releases for fear it will “mess things up.” The true value of your organization’s software can’t be realized if it can’t be easily deployed and reliably operated. We believe that Agile and Lean methods don’t stop when code is checked-in or released. PraxisFlow helps you unlock that value by bringing a holistic, systems-based approach to the software delivery process.

We don’t just focus on ‘development’ or ‘operations,’ in isolation, but work across the entire value stream including QA, release engineering, as well as product design and development teams to understand bottlenecks, increase the clarity and consistency of communication, and align the teams so they can make real improvements to reduce time-to-ship and improve feedback loops to minimize surprises.

We leverage our deep expertise and experience with operational best-practices of other industries, such as aviation and incident response, who have have spent decades refining and translating them into concrete steps to reduce the friction features experience on the path from developer to customer. At PraxisFlow, we are active leaders in the DevOps community, dedicated to constant experimentation for building, evolving, and servicing resilient software systems at enterprise scale.

Product Design

PraxisFlow fuels client profitability, growth and market resilience by improving new product concepting, design, and development process and by working directly on higher value, customer-validated offerings. If your organization needs to move quickly from hypothesis to prototype, we can help you build and test it before you bet the farm on a losing proposition.

Using a combination of Lean Software, Lean UX, Agile, and Design Thinking methodologies, we work directly with your core teams on specific product design challenges, roadmaps, and portfolios, creating top-line value while institutionalizing agility to sustain growth-through-innovation long after Elvis has left the building.


We bring deep expertise in Customer Experience Design (CX) bolstered by an unmatched understanding of LeanUX. We are drawn to complex, ambiguous value-creation problems where there are few “best practices,” although we can deploy them when the context is appropriate. PraxisFlow consultants have successfully leveraged the Lean UX process of Think > Make > Check, with constant customer development and market validation moving quickly from hypothesis formulation to collaborative ideation, to prototyping new products and services which have resulted in entirely new value streams for our clients.

We’ve integrated UX into Agile, Scrum, and Lean teams, depending on the client organization’s maturity, so that teams don’t just build things right, but build the right things that create value, and reduce waste, across the value stream. We love to share what we’ve learned from our work with our clients and from a global network of colleagues. This is why we are the most sought-after speakers at global conferences, and why we produce the LeanUX conference, the world’s largest conference on AgileUX, LeanUX, and Systems Thinking.

Executive Coaching

Change initiatives require agile thinking and a constant integration of new ideas. Executive coaching helps facilitate organizational transformation by helping leaders integrate new ideas more quickly, consistently, and continually.  Our executive coaching focuses on how leaders can align purpose, process, and people, to instill a cultural shift towards continuous experimentation, collaboration, and learning for continuous improvement. PraxisFlow offers high-performance coaching for CEOs, CXOs, CIOs, CTOs and other leaders.


We design our workshops to answer the question many of you have about various Lean, Agile, and Design  concepts, “What concrete steps do I take on Monday morning to begin doing this so it adds value to our organization?” So we teach you actual applications, not just concepts, in plain language with the case studies, worksheets, formulas, and methodologies you need. You learn step-by-step methodologies for implementing and making the critical leap from the conventional business focus on optimizing individual silos and processes to the value-stream focus of optimizing the flow of value. Whether you need to learn how to understand customer needs through research, creative a shared understanding of potential solutions, or understand and map your current value-stream, our workshops can give you not just the know-how, but the know-why.

Key workshops:

  • Customer Research and User Testing Workshop
  • The Design Studio Workshop
  • Lean Startup + LeanUX Bootcamp for Enterprises
  • Value Stream Mapping for Software Teams
  • Introduction to Story Mapping
  • Current and Future Reality Workshop
  • DISC Leadership Workshop for Teams
  • CXO, CIO, CTO Leadership Workshop–One or Two Days


If you or your organization is interested in one of our workshops, please contact us!