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Lean versus the bandwagon, lean wins


I’ve just finished reading “The Phoenix Project,” by Kim, Behr and Spafford. To be honest, it was on my reading list but had I not picked up a copy at Camp DevOps I don’t know that I would have ever read the book. My main issue with books of this ilk, such as “Who Moved My Cheese” and “The Energy Bus,” is that the story is often contrived for purposes of delivering the learning points. So, I was surprised by how much I was able to relate to the issues in Phoenix giving it an air of reality I was not expecting. 

Phoenix follows the life of a new VP of IT Operations through his early weeks on the job. Plucked from obscurity as the Director of Mid-range Computing after his management chain was seemingly asked to depart the company, Bill’s eyes are opened to a world of heroics and chaos that surrounds him in IT and has had detrimental impact on the company’s financial and competitive performance. For anyone who has logically questioned, “how can that happen?” in their own companies, the authors do a great job of illustrating the paths that lead to the unimaginable outcomes we see every day in our own IT world.

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