About PraxisFlow

Bring us your toughest IT challenges. We’ll recalibrate your growth trajectory.

PraxisFlow is a global IT  management practice dedicated to delivering IT operations management guidance to market-leading corporations worldwide. We help bridge the gap and speed the delivery of new software and technologies to build enterprise agility. Praxis Flow scientists travel globally at the request of CIOs, CEOs, boards of directors, and other top-level C-suite management.

Trusted advisors to the world’s most successful businesses, PraxisFlow scientists help clients achieve the three horizons of growth: operational excellence, resilience, and innovation. On each client engagement, we work to assess and affect change in human systems at three distinct intention layers: strategic, operational and tactical.

The PraxisFlow team is comprised of some of the world’s most elite practitioners who have travelled the journey of  transformation and adaptation. Our team has led teams and organizations through significant initiatives to improve performance, quality, and resilience in today’s unpredictable economy.

We collaborate to augment and expand critical organizational focus on continuous improvement and cultivate organizational learning patterns. Our ability to help scope, scale, and operationalize innovation across the value stream allows us to address the wicked, systemic problems no one else can. PraxisFlow scientists bring deep functional and industry expertise as well as a breadth of technical disciplines to every engagement.

Our satisfaction comes from the immense challenges we take on in order to help our clients succeed and grow.

How We Do It

PraxisFlow helps organizations take a systems-level view of interactions between IT initiates and business objectives. PraxisFlow brings capabilities and leadership skills in the following disciplines: strategic planning, continuous improvement, DevOps, product design, lean systems, complexity science, organizational psychology and cognitive anthropology.

We do this to help catalyze internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations toward continuous improvement. We teach and enable new capabilities to clients that allow them to participate fully in the process and lead the ongoing work to deliver value to customers, business stakeholders, and investors.